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Episode 04 | Townshends Tea House

Episode 04

The information in this podcast is NOT meant to diagnose, prescribe or give medical information. The use of herbs in this episode describes the traditional use of the herbs.

I must admit that I have a selfish personal tea inception going on in my pantry with 57 different types of tea of which 10 percent are directly from Townshend’s tea house. Walking into Townshend’s tea house gives one the feeling of walking into a tea sanctuary where one can find more combinations of tea than one could drink in at least several spiritual reincarnations and an atmosphere which feels like tea nirvana.

This episode is Travel Gluten Free’s first interview episode! It was easy to choose who I would interview first, my favorite tea house! Townshend’s Tea House has fast become a Park City staple. Not only does the manager Polly create great tea drinks, she also considers her gluten-free clients and provides several delectable treats for the gluten-free to consume!Polly, who is originally from Mt. Hood, Oregon, is a tea lover and enthusiast and when she is not inside the teahouse you can find her outside hiking, biking, fishing, skiing and playing with her dogs.

Listen in to find out how Polly started in the tea business, the ins and outs of matcha tea and the origins of bubble tea!

Connect with Polly on Instagram, Facebook and online at Townshend’s Tea House.

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