How Choosing a restaurant is like choosing the right partner..

One afternoon while driving home, it fully dawned on me how difficult it is to find a good restaurant with options. Where are you supposed to even start? I thought some more and came up with three simple tips that can help both those just beginning their GF journey and those more experienced with navigating restaurants. Looking out for these three things can create a great experience eating out every single time!

No. 1

When looking for a good restaurant, you want to find a place that makes you feel comfortable. The waitstaff and hosts should be considerate and accommodating to your lifestyle and restrictions and should not make you feel like a burden or extra work. Who wants to spend time at a restaurant in an uncomfortable situation? Only masochists, and I for sure do not fall into that category!

No. 2
Smell and Taste

One of the very first senses that picks up good food is your sense of smell. If the food smells good, then for the most part, it will taste good. We all like to eat food that tastes good, no matter what foods we cannot eat. For those of us who are gluten-free, we are limited, but still look for yummy food!

No. 3
It’s Gotta Feel Good
There’s no denying your food needs to feel good. When you put food or drink in your mouth, you’d like it to feel good. Texture whether on the surface of your tongue or on the surface of your hand can make or break your experience. If it feels good, then we will go back for more! If not, then well, that’s the last time I’d go back because who wants to eat food that doesn’t excite your senses!

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