To be Gluten-Free or to NOT be Gluten-Free?

Everyone wants to create a better space in your life. Many people choose a healthy lifestyle as a way to do this. According to statisticbrain.com, three of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions are health related. Not surprisingly, a larger number of people each year are trying a gluten-free lifestyle. Should you try gluten-free? Is it really worth the hassle?

Try “RENTING” the gluten-free lifestyle for one month

Once I heard a speaker talk about “renting” an idea. What a great in between for those who don’t want to necessarily commit, but are interested in trying it out. “Renting” an idea is the process of setting up for success for a short period of time, a trial period so to speak, to find out if what you are trying out is something you want to pursue further. Think of renting an idea like going on a first date: if it doesn’t work out, then you can always try another one!

Is Gluten-Free for you?

There are many benefits for leading a gluten-free lifestyle¬†BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE AN INTOLERANCE OR ARE POSITIVE FOR CELIACS DISEASE.¬†Many people will tout the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle such as more energy, a feeling of well-being and weightloss. Weightloss is an easy take because as you become gluten-free you aren’t able to access that lovely refillable container of fluffy white bread at restaurants, the boxes of aromatic wheat-based pastries and buying and eating those box of very yummy Oreos every week.¬†

You may be a good candidate for gluten-free living if:

  1. After eating gluten-free for one month, your digestive system feels better. My realization that I wasn’t going to bed with the heating pad on my stomach and that I hadn’t drank mugs and mugs of ginger tea was a BIG TIPOFF for me that gluten was a bad guy for my system.
  2. You feel that you have more energy. Why would you have more energy from eating less? When you eat a food group that your body has trouble digesting, your body is working really hard to process that food, hence you are overall feeling more tired because your body has X amount of energy and your body has to take that energy away from another system to digest your food.
  3. Your (eh-hem) bowel movements become regular and normal. Yup, we are digging into the grossness of gluten sensitivity now. I realized that when I eliminated gluten, my daily battle with constipation went away within a few days. This alone will make you feel way better!
  4. You feel better “all over”. Besides having more energy, your feeling an overall sense of better well-being. When your body doesn’t have to work so hard processing an undigestible food, your body can work on balancing out other systems that may need repair.
  5. Sleeping better. If you eat gluten before bed, your bound to wake up at night. Waking up, even partially, can create a large sleep deprivation over a period of just days. Compound this into weeks, and you’ve got yourself a run-down and tired body to deal with day in and day out. This also contributes to #2 You feel like you have more energy.

So ‘RENT OUT’ the gluten-free idea for 4 weeks and see how you feel. Do a good job following the gluten-free diet and you’ll soon figure out if going gluten-free works for you. If not, then order up that fluffy white bread at dinner! Just don’t wonder where those extra pounds came from!

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