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What’s In Your Gluten-Free Pantry?

Gluten-free bread mix is a staple in my pantry! Simple mills makes a mouth-watering pumpkin muffin and bread mix.

When you’re gluten-free there are items that you’ll need to keep in your pantry. I’ve been gluten-free for about a two-and-a-half years, and have found out which items I need to keep in my pantry for everyday use. Here is a list of items I keep in my pantry:

  1. A good gluten-free flour mix. My favorite is Namaste gluten-free flour mix. Why? This mix is free from the 8 allergens, tastes great, has a good blend of gluten-free flours and is economically priced. I get a 5lb bag at Costco every 2 months or so. Keep this handy and don’t run out! They also make a really good muffin mix as well.
  2. Cornstarch. This seems like a funny thing to keep around, but cornstarch and gluten-free flour combination are perfect for thickening sauces or gravy. I use a tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of Namaste gluten-free flour mix. I add these in combination until the sauce or gravy is the thickness I desire.
  3. Gluten-free bread mix. My favorite so far is grandpa’s kitchen. This brand made that tasty loaf of bread you see in the previous post! If you like cornbread, Krusteaz cornbread mix is a winner!
  4. Gluten-free pasta. Keep at least 2 boxes at all times. A favorite of mine is Daiya mac and cheese. Its dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free but not taste free!
  5. Gluten-free cake mix. This is a biggie because you don’t know when you will need a cake (or crave some cake) last minute. Cake mixes are relatively good. My favorite in this category is Pam’s. They make a great cake mix (try the vanilla or spice cake mix).
  6. Gluten-free pie crust. Pie crust is used in so many different recipes other than desserts such as pot pie, quiche, and casseroles. I recommend Bob’s Red Mill pie crust. Its the bomb and non-gluten free people will eat it too (don’t tell them its gf, they won’t know the difference!

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